A Stray kitten enters a man’s apartment and decides to settle down to live there

Sometimes it is enough to come across the right person and your life will change forever. And that’s what happened to Tuna, an adorable little cat.

Adam Laigo had organized an evening with friends and, while his roommates were taking a break outside, they saw a little cat trying to enter.

“I was cooking when one of my roommates said to me,” Hey, there is a cat here. “I looked around the corner and she carefully made her way to the door, sniffing the floor while keeping a close eye on us,” said Adam.

While the kitten was inspecting their home, she suddenly got scared and ran outside. Adam took a can of tuna and went to get it.

“I couldn’t let a stray kitten come in and out if I had the chance to help. “

So Adam tried to coax him with a little food. The little cat was very hungry and therefore followed her to the entrance of the apartment, then in the kitchen. As soon as he put down the food, she immediately devoured it.

Then the little cat huddled against her new human friend to receive attention and hugs. Adam fell in love and called him Tuna.

He hurried to give her a shower because she had fleas and then she went to bed. And it has continued to do so ever since!

Adam then took her to the vet to treat her for worms, parasites and fleas. Tuna was not microchipped and no one came to claim her.

Adam therefore decided to keep it.

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