Here is a Napoleon cat which is distinguished by its soft and thick tail which resembles that of a squirrel

Have you ever seen a Napoleon cat, renamed since Minuet cat? It is a fairly recent breed. If for us, all cats are beautiful, whether they are gutters or purebreds, we remind you that if you wish to adopt an animal, you can contact shelters near you to find the new member of your family, young or old, he will love you for sure!

We recently saw photos of a breed of cat that we didn’t know about. They obviously seemed very cute to us so we wanted to share with you the video below published by Ricorico_rico.

On the video, you can discover Bell, a cat of the Napoleon / Minuet breed. It is, as we can read on Wikipedia, “a recent breed, classified by the International Cat Association as a national hybrid breed, a breed resulting from a deliberate cross between two existing domestic breeds, integrating the characteristics of both parental breeds in the new breed. “

This breed was created in the United States in 1995 and it is a cross between Persian cat and Munchkin cat. Its bushy tail, which seems very soft, looks a little like that of a squirrel (and of course that of a Persian cat) and it is quite short on legs, like a Persian.

We learn it every day! There are so many cat breeds and they are all beautiful and deserve a family!

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