Prisoners of an apartment, this cat and this dog lived among the filth!

A terrible ordeal!
Staying in the apartment unprotected was absolutely impossible. The neighbors, on the instructions of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, released Sylvester and Reggie from their prison to take them immediately to the veterinarian. The two animals, very malnourished, were emaciated, and the dog, in particular, was in a starving state: for its size and its age, it should have weighed 15 kilos more. Look what happened to them after the hard ordeal they went through together, it’s so beautiful to see them happy again! Stacey continues: “Reggie was put on an IV right away. Sylvester, the cat, fared much better than Reggie. He is skinny, but much healthier than Reggie. When they arrived at the hospital, the two animals were separated, but they were finally able to find each other last week.

Despite the terrible ordeal they’ve gone through, Sylvester and Reggie are adorable, and Stacey has high praise for them. Reggie is a “very affectionate and very kind” dog, and Sylvester is “a very sociable cat”. Stacey says: “I have never seen two animals so happy. [Reggie] licked the cat. He was very happy. ”

Reggie and Sylvester are definitely out of the woods. Hopefully they will soon be able to join their host family. The association insists that the two animals stay together. Reggie and Sylvester are indeed very close to each other, after the hard ordeal they went through together.

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