The nursing mother cat starts to “talk” to her cubs – it’s the sweetest time of the week

Pussies are considered animals with a very strong maternal instinct. Our feline friends are caring and protective of their offspring, but they also know how to scold and scold them when they are annoying or too playful.

The cats carry their kittens for 9 weeks and the young depend completely on their mother at birth. Their eyes are closed and they cannot survive alone after birth. The kittens will finally open their eyes after 7 to 10 days after their birth.

Fortunately, cat moms have a strong maternal instinct and are able to raise and protect their kittens to survive in the world.

The Miyu cat that can be seen in the video below is a very attentive mom who was busy at the time with her three little kittens at the time.

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