Fearful Cat Dumped On Road With His Litter Box – Cries For Someone To Help Him

A cat, estimated to be around one year old, was dumped on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, with his litter box and belongings.

He was confused, scared, and cried out to passersby for help.

When FAT Cats, a Trap-Neuter-Return group, heard about the cat, they knew they had to help him since summer temperatures outside were rising.

But when they arrived, the cat was no longer there. Since it was hot and there was a lot of noisy construction going on, they figured the cat had run off to hide somewhere quieter and cooler.

The community banded together to find him. After days of searching, they finally found him in a backyard.

They brought him to a vet to be examined and scanned for a microchip, which he unfortunately didn’t have. But luckily, he was in good health and very well-behaved.

They decided to name him Martin, and once they got him neutered, he would be available for adoption.

Martin had no trouble finding a home, since countless people offered to adopt him.

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