Stray cat breaks into the zoo, in the sweetest manner falls in love with lynx

When it comes to unexpected friendships, the pets never stop surprising me. And just when you might believe there’s nothing more to impress you, an amazing, beautiful tale will once again air. A cat and a lynx make a ideal pair this time. The most interesting aspect, though, is how they met.

Now, if you aNow, if you ask me, cats are nothing but friendly animals, but this little fella proves the contrary. A homeless cat in St. Petersburg broke into the local zoo and put it in the lynx enclosure. Now, although the lynx is also a cat, most of the moment a relationship like this does not end well. Anyway, there was mutual fondness in this situation. However, the zookeepers decided to remove her from the enclosure for the security of the cat.

The next day alone, surprise: the cat is back! The zoo employees therefore let the beautiful couple remain together. Now all the visitors from the St. Petersburg Zoo are attracted by the duo. They all want to meet the lynx with Linda and the cat with Dusya.

Their tale has also become popular on social media thanks to the zoo, as they share pictures and videos with the inseparable couple so that everyone can see their amazing bond.

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