Rescued Kitten with 4 Ears Meets His Little Brother Who Also Has Extra Ears, for the First Timea.

The homeowner discovered a kitten with four ears under a house and saved it. He first encountered his little brother, who also has additional ears like him, a few months later.

Frankie (aka Frankenkittens) was a small kitten when he was taken in for a opportunity in a better life by the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS, Victoria, Australia). “He’s been found to have a highly infected and damaged eye and four ears,” Georgi, GAWS volunteer, told Love Meow. The extra ears are a genetic deformity. GAWS provided for Frankie’s medical expenses, including surgery and aftercare so he could live a healthy, happy life.

Georgi, who fostered Frankie home, nursed him back to health and fell in love with the kitty. “In the last year I fostered nearly 80 cats and kittens, and he was the first one I would have had difficulty giving back. So I decided to adopt him.”

In the meantime, rescuers tried to trap the elusive cat mother and spay her. They discovered her a few weeks later and brought her to the shelter. That’s when they knew with a fresh litter that she was pregnant. “To have children (it was) a much nicer location than under a house,” Georgi said. “It was her last ever litter, thankfully.”

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