A Guy Found A Scared Kitten Under A Truck And Just Couldn’t Say No To Her

Reddit user JustAnotherGoodGuy shared his fateful encounter with a frightened kitten attached to a truck close his office. As it turns out, “the kitty of the mom ran off… and the kitten was quenched. No other kittens could be found, ”–the redditor explained. He knew he couldn’t leave the road alone with such a fragile creature.

“Can I take it back?”Right after he discovered the kitten, JustAnotherGoodGuy wrote his wife. “Who could tell that face no?She answered. That moment marked the kitty’s start of a fresh life. They then took her for inspection and vaccination to the veterinarian. “That’s how we discovered her to be a she. Got shots, the whole package of fresh kitten. When she was discovered, she was only 4-5 weeks old.”–the man shared.

“My husband sent the image, saying, ‘ Can I get it back? ‘

The cat was later called Axel, and she’d have an outstanding life. “[ Axel ] produced our 19-year-old cat and 2-year-old dog right at home. She’s secure, sound, hot, and … loved,” clarified the pair.

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