Family Surrenders Cat And Asks Shelter To Put Him Down Because He Is Too Playful

“The shelter was appalled at the idea of someone wanting to put down a kitten just for being a kitten,” Alaina, Odin’s new mom, told The Dodo. “Instead, the shelter took him at that time.”

The cute cat was clearly overlooked when he was taken in by the shelter and had a badly infected eye. It caused him an intense amount of pain, and ultimately the shelter decided that removing it would be the best thing to do, and so sweet Odin became a one-eyed cat.

Although they missed an eye and grew up in an abusive family, the volunteers realized that for any fortunate family, Odin would create an amazing cat. He temporarily came to live with a lady who worked in a veterinary hospital who was sadly unable to maintain him for a long time— and that’s how his future mother found out about him.

“I knew from my roommate that her friend had a ragdoll that lacked an eye that required a home,” said Alaina. “That’s how we met him and told him the tale. Hearing what he had dealt with and the love he required to go forward was so upsetting. We decided to take him over and take him to our family. It was definitely loved at first sight. The kind-hearted woman knew right away that the sweet Odin is the right one for her. All she has to do is love him and Odin will love him back unconditionally.

“Especially close the screen door, he’s a large lounger,” Alaina said. “He loves looking out and seeing what’s going on, and you’ll see him checking out birds in various windows. He also loves to jump with you in the shower amazingly and take one himself! He’s pretty bizarre. All in all, he’s a large fluffy sweet baby.

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